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Running at Walls are on a mission to change the conversation around consent.

Running At Walls is a workshop provider specialising in consent education. We believe that conversations about consent need to be happening at all levels of the society.


With tailored sessions for schools, universities, and organisations, we help institutions take a more proactive and preventative approach to sexual harassment and violence.


Using theatre and other creative methods, we empower participants to question, challenge, and explore ideas about consent in a safe environment. We share tools for asserting and respecting boundaries and practicing empathy and listening skills.


By taking a creative and tailored approach to consent education, we can help to change harmful behaviours and create a safer and more inclusive culture.

"I was left wanting to ask more questions every time yet I still felt more informed than before. It was a good experience to finally have an understanding of the true definition of consent and capacity."

Participant, Workshop For Schools

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