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The Problem

There is a consent crisis.


Research has shown that one-quarter of all child sexual abuse cases involve a perpetrator under 18. A special OFSTED report also found that peer-on-peer sexual harassment among young people is ‘commonplace.’

When harmful behaviours and attitudes go unchallenged, young people carry them into the next stage of their lives. Right now, sexual assault is endemic in universities and colleges. According to the ONS, full-time students are more likely to experience sexual assault than any other occupation type.

Additionally, 54% of UK employees have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. That’s a scary statistic. It shows that, even though most companies now have robust procedures in place for dealing with incidences of harassment, not enough is being done to stop them happening in the first place.

How We Can Help

It’s clear that existing provisions aren’t doing enough to change behaviours and mindsets. We need to move beyond the flawed ‘dos and don’ts’ approach and equip individuals with the tools to practice consent in a meaningful and lasting way.

Running At Walls tackle the so-called ‘grey areas’. We broach the difficult conversations and confront sensitive subjects in a safe and supported environment. In our workshops, participants can immerse themselves in the complexities of consent and explore real-world experiences and applications. Our theatre exercises are fun and interactive, keeping participants engaged and providing a space for personal expression (only if they want to, of course!)

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What We Do


For Schools

This session features a facilitator-led, interactive performance to explore how different characters and relationships are impacted by consent. Participants will interview and advise characters and take part in guided exercises and group activities to reflect on issues raised. We aim to demystify sexual harassment and sexual violence for young people and explore its relevance to their own lives. We give students the language and tools to describe and understand their experiences and participate in difficult conversations.


For Universities

This session incorporates a range of creative exercises, fictitious characters and situations, and micro performances. There will also be facilitated discussions, reflective exercises, and group activities to encourage sharing and collaboration. Our aim is to increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of consent so that they can navigate difficult and ambiguous situations. And it’s not all about sex! The workshop focuses on building knowledge and critical tools to practice consent and establish boundaries in all areas of campus life.


For Organisations

The session involves discussions and simple activities that explore knowledge, skills and attitudes around relationships and sex relevant to specific host organisations. The workshops provide a supportive space for participants to discuss potentially uncomfortable questions and share their thoughts and experiences around navigating consent, sexual harassment and sexual violence. Participating in theatre and witnessing theatre can create new possibilities to shift participants’ thoughts and actions which can then lead to change in the organisation.

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