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For Universities

This session incorporates a range of creative exercises, fictitious characters and situations, and micro performances. There will also be facilitated discussions, reflective exercises, and group activities to encourage sharing and collaboration. Our aim is to increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of consent so that they can navigate difficult and ambiguous situations. And it’s not all about sex! The workshop focuses on building knowledge and critical tools to practice consent and establish boundaries in all areas of campus life.    

What We Cover

  • Consent on Paper: the law and the ‘grey areas’

  • What is ‘enthusiastic consent’?

  • Setting and respecting boundaries

  • Practicing consent in varied situations

  • Consent in the context of different people’s lives

What We Offer

Half day (approx. 2-3 hours)

Full day (approx. 6-7 hours)

They can be run as standalone sessions or incorporated into existing diversity and inclusion training, welcome week programmes, wellbeing initiatives, and as teaching support for relevant modules. The usual number of participants is up to 30, but can be negotiable.

Use the contact form below to enquire about pricing.

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