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For Schools

This session features a facilitator-led performance to explore how different characters and relationships are impacted by consent. The play is interactive and immersive. Participants will interview and advise characters and take part in guided exercises and group activities to reflect on issues raised. We aim to demystify sexual harassment and sexual violence for young people and explore its relevance to their own lives. We give students the language and tools to describe and understand their experiences and participate in difficult conversations.

What We Cover

  • Understanding consent, capacity, and choice

  • Victims, perpetrators, and bystanders

  • Communicating consent and non-consent

  • Peer pressure, rumours, and stigma

  • How identity categories impact experiences of consent


What We Offer

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Half day (approx. 2-3 hours)

Full day (approx. 6-7 hours)

These workshops can be run as standalone sessions or incorporated into existing RSE programmes. The usual number of participants is up to 30, but can be negotiable.

Use the contact form below to enquire about pricing.


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